The lawyer for the Alliance is Maurice Gatien, who was assaulted after-hours in February 2022 at his office in Cornwall, by a pro-mandate individual. During the attack, Maurice was rendered unconscious. As he lay on his office carpet, the attacker warned “Get vaxxed, you old M*****F*****”.


The literary phrase “First thing, let’s kill all the lawyers” is one of the most misunderstood lines in Shakespeare. The line comes from the play Henry VI and is stated in the play by a character who leads a rabble and who wants to overthrow democracy and become King.


At first glance, the idea of killing all the lawyers may reflect popular sentiments (until a person needs a good lawyer). In fact, Shakespeare was giving a great compliment to a profession that is the front-line defense of democracy and the protector of our individual rights. The characters in Henry VI knew that only if they killed all the lawyers could they destroy the law and impose their own will on the people.


To turn a negative into a positive and to draw attention to importance of civilized discourse in society, Maurice set himself the challenge of walking from Cornwall to Ottawa – a distance of over 100k - over the course of 3 days. 

The walk – called THE OLD MAN WALKING 100K – was intended to draw attention to the importance of lawyers in respecting our individual liberties and rights in the midst of arbitrary lockdowns. Truckers are important in the supply-chain. Lawyers are important in the justice-chain. People were invited to join Maurice along the walk, carrying a bell to represent the sound of Peace and Freedom.


DAYS 1-2-3 ROUTES COMPLETED: Maurice made it each day. He appreciated the support of other walkers and the numerous encouraging waves and vehicle beeps along the way.


DAY 3 COMPLETED: Mission accomplished. Maurice had the opportunity to meet wonderful people on the final lap into Ottawa and arrived at the Parliament area by 1:30 PM. It was an honour and a thrill to give a speech at the rally. It was a cold but blue-sky day. Everybody cheered - a unique experience for Maurice. A 100k walk takes a lot of determination - but Maurice wanted to send a message of hope and optimism, after the unfortunate events surrounding the attack on him at his office.



Project 57 hopes to raise $57,000.00 to give to women’s shelters in the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s geographic area – during the lockdowns, these women’s shelters have seen a surge in the number of women and children needing their services.


Why did we pick $57,000.00 as the objective?

We were inspired by the $57,000.00 spent by the EOHU for new doors and windows at its Cornwall offices. We were further inspired by the additional money that is being spent to store the excess furniture that was replaced by the EOHU – chairs and desks that could have been contributed to needy families, including some of the women and children who have been forced to use the shelters in the EOHU region.


The EOHU has 33 employees who earn over $100,000 each – including Dr. Paul Roumeliotis who is paid $357,000.00 per year.


We invite the EOHU and its employees to contribute to Project 57 and look forward to announcing the amount given by them, to assist women’s shelters in the EOHU region.


The Eastern Ontario Health Alliance Inc. is NOT a non-profit. We intend to make a profit. Our objective is to earn $33.50 to cover our handling costs – one dollar for each billion dollars being paid to Pfizer for vaccines (estimated by Pfizer to be $33.5 billion in 2021). Any amount in excess of $33.50 will be given to women’s shelters in the EOHU region. If we subsequently determine that Pfizer’s sales from Covid vaccines are higher – for instance, $35 billion – we reserve the right to adjust our profits to $35.00.


We realize that $1.00 for each billion may seem excessive to people who favor vaccines and vaccine profits. We have a solution for them: any person wishing to have their contribution to Project 57 given to Pfizer (instead of women’s shelters) can direct us to send it to Pfizer. We are flexible – Pfizer’s executives need money too.


The Alliance will remit the money to local women’s shelters. No money will be retained by the Eastern Ontario Health Alliance (except for the above-noted $33.50). Funds can be sent by e-transfer to or you can send your cheque to Eastern Ontario Health Alliance, c/o 40 Second Street West, Cornwall Ontario K6J 1G2. When submitting the funds to the shelters, if a contributor wishes, the receipt (minus the pro-rated share of the above-noted $33.50 fees) will be issued directly to the the person making the payment. For purposes of example, if a person made a contribution of $570.00 (representing 1% of $57,000.00, then 1% of $33.50 ($0.03) would be deducted from the charitable remittance - leaving $569.97 eligible for charitable deduction.


We have already raised over $50,000 from various contributors, including some local lawyers who are concerned about our Charter of Rights protections. They have opted NOT to send their contributions to Pfizer’s executives. We hope you choose in the same manner – but it’s up to you. Choose well.




It is a common misperception that people who are in favor of health, through healthy practices, are anti-Science. Typically, they are not, however, and favor the inclusion of Science in the pursuit of health. Science, on the other hand, may not necessarily ALWAYS be aligned with good health.

For example, Science has come up with the preservatives that will extend a Twinkie’s shelf life to three months. Some might think that’s good; some might think that’s bad. It depends on one’s view of Science (and of Twinkies as a food group).


Science has come up with positive inventions like water sprayers that will efficiently distribute water across large fields. Science has also come up with inventions like DDT that were sprayed on crops-until it was realized that DDT created serious health hazards, especially for those working in the fields.


Science can be good, and Science can be bad. The phrase “it’s not an exact science” is quite often quite accurate.

Bat #2

To demonstrate the open-minded philosophy of the Eastern Ontario Health Alliance, it is offering a $10,000.00 REWARD to be given to the person, anywhere in the world, who can identify a second bat (Bat #2) in Nature, carrying the Covid virus-as it appears that the first bat (Bat #1) is nowhere to be found, after almost 2 years. There are apparently billions of bats - so, if a first bat with Covid was found by Science, it should be self-evident that, somewhere on earth, there is Bat #2. With any luck, someone will find it.



There appear to be 2 theories in determining the origins of the Covid Virus. You should consider for yourself which is the more likely (please try to stay open-minded):

  • Theory No. 1: Covid Caused by Nature: The initial theory is that Covid arose from a bat in a seafood market in Wuhan China.


  • Theory No. 2: Covid Caused by Science: The second theory (much criticized by Science) is that Covid arose from scientific experiments at the Wuhan Virology Institute.


There is the possibility that the Theory No. 2 may be true - but, if true, it would reflect poorly on Science. It might undermine the confidence of people that Science (through lucrative vaccines brought rapidly to market) might subsequently be the solution to the problem it may have created. With that in mind, and in order to assist Science in preserving its reputation, we are offering the above-noted $10,000.00 reward.


If Bat #2 is found, it will be world-famous and it likely will result in TV specials and maybe book deals for the person discovering Bat #2. Until Bat #2 is found, Theory No. 2 appears to be more likely to be the correct one. We have to be realistic. Many of the people at the Wuhan Virology Institute who conducted the virus research have disappeared and are not available to be interviewed - so, we can’t be sure. There is the possibility that they have disappeared into Nature, trying to find Bat #2. We are keeping an open mind about the two theories and encourage you to do the same.