Reality Check and Reality-Based Solutions

When our own government is steamrolling our laws, dictating like a Caesar, abandoning democratic processes, giving unelected officials tyrannical powers, actively destroying our society via economic curtailment (intermittent closures/restrictions for businesses, restaurants, gyms and most activities), laying off thousands of healthcare workers, printing money at record speed (nearly a billion $ is printed every 2 days—inflation!), amassing trillions in unpayable debt and dividing the people against each other, all while hijacking our fundamental right of bodily autonomy, Canada is in crisis. Serious crisis. She’s in a race to the bottom as all key nodes of power and policy-making have clearly been captured to be puppeted by those who are doing a controlled demolition of our country. It’s time to wake up. We’ve hit the covid iceberg and just because the music is still playing, doesn’t mean we should keep trying to get back to the dance-floor.

Bodily autonomy is deeply rooted in our Common Law, established over 800 years ago and enshrined in the Magna Carta, as well as our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If we lose this fundamental freedom, then we bequeath our children and grandchildren a pseudo-medical dictatorship that will not readily release its grip once it fully takes hold. In other words, things will not be “going back to normal.” Let’s be honest, as time is short: the “vaccines” have nothing to do with health (unless by “Health” they mean “destroying health”). The injection agenda is part of a coup d’etat of the “free world” to put it under a worldwide biotechnocracy, one with perhaps, fewer people.

The criteria for temporarily reducing or suspending our rights and freedoms (as our Constitution allows in certain extreme exceptions IF proven, via due process, to be necessary) has not been met, nor has any attempt at due process occurred.

For example:

  • The covid death rate is not high enough to warrant the measures

  • Proven safe & effective treatments already exist

  • The experimental vaccine is not safe & effective or even necessary (it’s actually dangerous and ineffective—even decreasing immunity after 90 days)

  • Covid measures cannot be reconciled with the empirical data (i.e. no science proving masks work—only that they don’t work and increase risk of infection, no science proving lockdowns work—only the opposite…please see the data on ours and other websites)

Canadians like to trust their government, to believe they’re generally good but perhaps inept. I like to believe certain things too. Doesn’t make them true. If I could pick the truth I prefer, it would likely not be the reality we face now. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to paint a big smiley-face over it. If I soberly and honestly look at the country right now, we’re barreling into totalitarian insanity.

What is the solution? DO NOT COMPLY. Stay on the side of the law. If they re-write new laws that are immoral, do not comply. I’m not the first one to say this but: no one has ever complied their way out of tyranny. Soon, our friends, family and co-workers will stop making excuses for the tyranny. They’ll stop saying “vaccines save lives". “Vaccine” failure will be too obvious. In the meantime, we are the line-holders. The longer we hold the line, the more time people have to awaken to what’s happening. It may mean losing your job (I did). It may mean not going out for dinner. It may mean you have to wait a few years for a beach in Mexico. These are small sacrifices, really, compared to what is at stake. Muster up your will, your courage and pray. You’re going to need it.

I listened to an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. the other day and, as usual, I enjoy his take on things. But one thing stood out, (and I’m paraphrasing here): If everyone could just do 3 things a day—3 THINGS—that were non-compliant each day, whether it’s a conversation, not wearing a mask, writing an article or a letter to the local paper, hugging someone, reaching over someone’s shoulder at the grocery store instead of standing back 6 feet, it could be enough.

It’s important to keep speaking. You may not see the desired result, but it will weaken their hypnosis. Every conversation, however difficult (be patient and good-humored but FIRM), diminishes the spell. It might not be today that they snap out of it, but YOU are the only counterpoint they may experience during this ordeal, given the utter capture of Canadian media.

How did this happen? Well, there are a lot of threads woven together over decades that engineered the majority of our fellow men and women into godless, relativistic apathy—a mushy condition, ripe for steamroll without protest. They became consumers, not citizens, totally disenfranchised from the fate and leadership of their own communities and country. The devolution has been reinforced hourly through screens. The screen became God. People worship their screens and do what the sanctioned screen authorities dictate and believe what they say, even if it totally contradicts what the screens said yesterday. Even if it contradicts what’s right in front of their own eyes. They out-sourced their thinking and their morality. They were encouraged to and rewarded for throwing out their own virtue, intuition, morality and integrity in favor of the politically-correct checklist for pretend good-personhood. THEY WERE TAUGHT TO DEVALUE THEMSELVES. A brief and inadequate synopsis, I know, but hopefully it broad-strokes a few themes contributing to how we arrived in this crisis situation and the nature of the problems we now behold.

Be heartened in knowing that you’re not alone. There are many of us and many more smelling the shit on the bottom of their shoes each day. As for the die-hard dogmatic believers of the lie—who may be our dear friends and family, it will ultimately be the most painful for them, so do not let your empathy be replaced by resentment. Use covid as an opportunity to make sacrifices gracefully and to edify yourself through wise conduct, word and deed. BE the difference and know that God is watching the situation very closely and noticing who among us cares about what is true.


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