Divide & Conquer: Pitting Vaccinated Against Unvaccinated

Divide and Conquer is a very old tactic that benefits only the ruling class billionaires. Don’t fall for it. Thanks to relentless fear-mongering for nearly 2 years now, many people are frightened “out of their wits.” The result is a decreased capacity for reason and a diminished demand for things to actually make sense.

People are Covid-exhausted and aggravated that promises like “Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve!“ were empty. So a scapegoat has been artfully set up, granting license to the many who complied, wore a mask 8 hours a day and got “double-vaccinated” to now direct their frustrations at: the unvaccinated—or the more derogatory term “antivaxxers.” This deflects from Establishment criminality, overreach and tyranny and sends the frazzled and frustrated raging at the wrong adversary—if indeed, the unvaccinated are even adversaries at all.

For recent months, the script across Canada and Western countries says: Antivaxxers are selfish-not protecting others, they’re going to get sick and overwhelm our hospitals!!! They shouldn’t get medical care. I hope they die of Covid!! To set us out on a more civilized course, let’s take a breath and look at the failed logic at the basis of the budding “medical” apartheid:

  • If the vaccine works, what do you care who is or is not vaccinated?

  • It’s not the world’s job to protect you. Only the vaccine claimed it would protect you. <

  • It is foolish to blame a product’s failure on those not taking it.

  • It is foolish to demand that the unprotected protect the protected by getting the thing that is failing to protect the protected.

  • Both vaxed and non-vaxed can catch, spread & die from Covid.

  • If the vaccine only reduces symptoms of Covid, then those people are more likely to spread it, unaware that they have it.

  • The common denominator in Covid-related deaths is already-compromised health.

  • The unvaccinated are not overwhelming hospitals. If you talk to regular people who work at healthcare facilities, the vast majority of patients are double-vaccinated, contrary to what the news tries to sell us on.

  • Natural immunity is our best protection and is shown to be 13 times more effective than the vaccine.

  • 50% vaccinated and we’ll get our freedoms back. 60%, no 75%, no 80%, no 90%, no 95%... I’m sorry for those gullible enough to believe this nonsense. After 100% get vaccinated, we all get vaxports (movement licenses) tied to our driver’s license, bank accounts, social media, medical info…and then “freedom” will be contingent to our 3rd jab, 4th jab, 12th jab…in perpetuity.

  • Government authorities have admitted that the vaccine passports are not to protect people but to “encourage” (coerce) the “vaccine-hesitant” to get the injections.

The Establishment is not god. We don’t need them to survive and they are not our rulers. This Healthism was a decent trap many of us walked into because everyone wants to be healthy and to live as long as possible. But sacrificing our integrity, freedom and rights for a potentially empty promise of health from felons is literally swapping the superior and enduring for the inferior and temporary. It is not a wise trade-off. Not spiritually, not mentally and, ironically, not even physically.

Just think of Dr. Anthony Fauci—the man largely at the helm throughout Covid, no matter what country we’re in. Anyone who’s on the side of a man in charge of research that entails sandflies eating the heads off of live, cognizant beagle puppies, whose vocal chords had been snipped so they couldn’t cry out in agony, is probably not on the side of the good guys. Just saying. Stand with friends and families instead of monsters, tyrants and talking heads on TV. We will all need to be there for each other in the times ahead.


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