All-Cause Mortality on the Rise…

Since Covid “vaccination” began in early 2021, all-cause mortality has steadily been on the rise, with a sharp increase from late summer to December. A recent alarm was sounded by a multi-billion dollar-a-year life insurance provider in Indiana, noting that insurance claims in the 18-64 age group (working years) had soared 40% for non-Covid deaths. A ten-percent increase is crippling to the industry. But 40%??? Combine that with the surge in disability claims and it could be fatal (if these providers are not part of the “too-big-to-fail” club, which they may well be).

In England, we see the same thing. Not only are the “fully-vaccinated” dying from Covid at more than 6 times the rate as non-vaxxed, but also young (under 60) vaccinated persons are now twice as likely to die as unvaccinated persons—from anything (i.e. heart attack, stroke, thrombosis, etc.).

In a new German study, factoring in data from 145 countries, it found that overall mortality moves up in conjunction with vaccination uptake (when clearly, we’d assume the opposite to be true if the vaccine works as it claims to).

See the study here:

Likewise, a recent Harvard study found that vaccines have no bearing on Covid case numbers (if anything, numbers increase with vaccine uptake in whatever country they’re rolled out in, as does overall mortality).

So what’s killing and disabling the young and previously healthy? Hmmm, let me think… what was different in 2021 than 2020? The only thing people were doing differently was getting “vaccinated.” Often to save their job. Or to travel or dine out. Or guilt-mongered into “saving Granny” by the news or politically-correct neighbors. Many felt their lives and freedoms were being ransomed. The ransom could only be paid by allowing injections into your body. Many caved, not having the resources to fight mandates. Many thought it an easy way to perform civic duty and “be a good person,” and so they failed to look deeply into the matter. And some were genuinely scared by the relentless 24/7 fearmongering campaign. But whatever the reason, ultimately “vaccines” are clearly not the path out of this mess. Worse yet, if this surge in “all-cause” mortality is brought on by the alleged “cure,” is this just the beginning of the pain? I hope not but it doesn’t bode well. It would be a sick joke indeed.

Here is a link to a brilliant paper by Ottawa’s Denis Rancourt on key aspects of this matter (all-cause mortality during Covid):

Note that he would have collated similar research in Canada, however, our government has not made enough data available for us to piece together the missing context and create a clear picture. (I wonder why…)


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