“Absolute” Risk of Death is Higher When Vaccinated

Primary source research hurt my head at first. The lingo. The number of studies. The long-windedness. How to know which studies are good and which are compromised (always check who the scientists are funded by or where they’ve worked). It’s not exactly a fun activity, but I’ve strangely gotten into it because I like to know things for myself rather than listen to what others may spin these studies into. Many pharmaceutical studies that appear in medical journals are compromised, but not all of them. Compromised? I mean that pharmaceutical companies pay ghostwriters to pen them in a way that makes their products look good, then they pay a doctor or scientist to sign his or her name to it. This “disguised advertising” (to doctors who will then advocate for their products) is big business.

Only your own seasoning, which takes some time and determination, can attune you to whether info is corrupt or credible. General rule of thumb: if it doesn’t make sense, contradicts itself or sounds too good to be true, don’t rely on it. There’s a lot of fraud going on. Remember, even if Big Pharma companies get caught and pay a fine, it’s still an incredibly successful business model and any fine be a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of dollars they make each year. There is very little incentive for Big Pharma to have integrity.

So let’s dive into claims that Covid vaccines have a 95% efficacy…

The jabs really have no effect on whether one “catches Covid” or not.

ABSOLUTE RISK REDUCTION is 0.59%-0.83% for Pfizer and 0.97%-1.32% for Moderna: Neglible. I don’t even know how one can qualify or notice a less-than 1% risk-reduction rate. Both pharmaceutical companies boasted a RELATIVE risk reduction, which appeared much higher than the ABSOLUTE risk reduction due to the way they structured their data (deceptively, if you can believe it).

And now, of course, Dr. Fauci himself is admitting the vaccines do not provide the protection they’d hoped. His solution, however, is vaccine boosters. As I said, this is a business model for the lower players, and a control model for the higher players, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Both Pfizer and Moderna’s RELATIVE risk reduction capacity seem to nosedive after 20 weeks, thereby giving them a business opportunity to give you boosters every few months. Forever. But back to ABSOLUTE risk reduction: you cannot know what the efficacy of a pharmaceutical is without factoring in ALL-CAUSE MORTALITY amongst those who’ve taken it, over a period of time. Bottom line: there was a significantly higher number of deaths in the Covid vaccine groups than in the placebo groups. Even if they didn’t die from Covid, participants had new health problems arise or old ones exacerbated—and more of them died from other health issues than who died of Covid in the placebo groups. This could very well mean that the vaccines are: NOT GOOD FOR OVERALL HEALTH.

Not only do the inoculated get a mere 1% Covid risk-reduction (at best), but now there’s a slew of new risks they never had, pre-vaccination. Especially for young people, who have virtually no risk of a Covid-related death (unless they also happen to have stage 4 brain cancer… in which case, they’d die of brain cancer after testing Covid-positive, with a faulty test, and get listed a Covid-related death… we see the cycle). Absolute risk encompasses ALL-CAUSE MORTALITY. Seeing as excess, all-cause mortality is now significantly higher than it was last November in both the USA and UK (when vaccines were not yet available), it seems that since the mass-vaccination campaign began, 6 people are dying for every 1 life potentially saved by the vaccine:

Think of myocarditis, pericarditis, loss of eyesight, arrhythmia, stroke, cardiac arrest, aneurysm, sterility, stillborns, miscarriage and serious blood-clotting issues, to name but a few. All of these vaccine “side effects” are causing millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths, worldwide. These injuries are numerous and documented and yet, our medical officers and health agencies fail to mention any of these risks (and in Canada, many injury reports are rejected). Instead, they recklessly push forward with vaccines-vaccines-vaccines, regardless of deficiencies in reason, evidence, benefit and scientific integrity. They inflame division between vaccinated and unvaccinated and punish the unvaccinated for their non-compliance with this unsuccessful “medical” experiment. This is not leadership. It’s negligence (at best) and crimes against humanity (at worst).


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