First and foremost, it is necessary to state the following. This is NOT a medical website–the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has stipulated that Ontario doctors may not advise a patient to deal with Covid on any basis other than a vaccine.

This leaves a significant vacuum, if you are looking for information about your health in relation to Covid – since your own physician is being prevented from discussing with you any alternative methods of dealing with Covid. See this article on the standards set by the CPSO:

We therefore wish to be clear—what is described herein does not align with the policies of the CPSO – accordingly, by definition, it is not “medical” in nature. If you want strictly “medical” advice, you should NOT rely on this website, which is not “medical” in nature. We also do not wish to be confused with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s website, which is a platform for the unconditional and unrestrained use of vaccines for all (and which has aligned itself with the policies of the CPSO).

Lastly, we are seeking to present information that may be practically useful to you. We have examined the curriculum of several Canadian medical schools. There are no courses on nutrition or exercise and it is therefore unlikely that you will find an abundance of material on nutrition and exercise—or any counterpoint to their singular “vaccine-solution” stance—from your physicians. This is the vacuum we aim to fill.



Some years ago, the popular TV host Oprah Winfrey had as her guest Michael Pollan, the former food editor for the New York Times. Pollan is both a great writer and an articulate, entertaining guest. Pollan’s basic philosophy can be summarized as follows: Eat real food, not too much. Pollan’s interviews with Oprah were spread over 2 days. At the end of her program on the first day, Oprah gushed about Pollan’s appearance and enthusiastically invited her viewers: “Tune in tomorrow at the same time, to continue to hear from Michael Pollan and to listen to his wonderful advice.”


It was a good message – but unfortunately Oprah omitted to add: “BUT brace yourself for the avalanche of the counter-messaging you will hear and see in the next 23 hours before between now and our next program tomorrow.” During the intervening 23 hours, there was a cascade of ads for fast foods and drugs, one of which was for Zantac, which suppresses acid-reflux—your body’s way of saying, “Please don’t feed me this junk.”


The next time you go to the grocery store, try to think of the principles that underlie real estate: Location, Location, Location. Try to look around the check-out area, with its array of bad choices – even the reading material is junk. Try to look around the ends of aisles and the product placement—mostly bad choices for you and your children. Location, Location, Location.


How can you protect yourself and your children? You should cultivate an awareness of effective advertising. Your filter (which you can develop over time) should allow you to say to yourself “Wow, that’s a well-produced ad and I appreciate its guile. I’m not going to buy their product, but I can see how that ad appeals to people.” Most importantly, you should be teaching your children to cultivate this discernment.


If your physician has never suggested that you cultivate this skill, you may wonder to yourself whether the Ontario College of Physicians has your well-being at the center of its concerns. If you visit the website of the Ontario College of Physicians and find no negative comments about the fact that, on the ground floor of the Ottawa Heart Institute, there are industrial donuts and muffins for sale, you may wonder whether the Ontario College of Physicians has your well-being at the center of its concerns—and whether it understands the real estate principle of “Location, Location, Location.” Here is what you will hear from the Ontario College of Physicians on such issues and the pervasive power of advertising: Radio Silence.



According to the CDC, only 6% of “Covid” deaths in the USA were only from Covid. This means 94% had numerous co-morbidities that contributed to and were the more likely cause of the death. Dr. Birx conceded that people who died with (but not from) Covid were indeed counted as Covid deaths. We have a similar situation here in Ontario. Our death count here includes people who didn’t die OF Covid but only WITH Covid and there is no way to tell how many actually died OF Covid:


Let’s look at it this way: If the vast majority of Covid-Flu deaths have 3 or more co-morbidities, plus obesity, plus vitamin D deficiency, then maybe it’s the co-morbidities, obesity and malnutrition we ought to prevent. Optimizing our health is obviously a smart thing to do, but perhaps we didn’t do it before because we had a healthcare system that seemed to save us from the consequences of our own habits. However, hospitals are becoming less and less safe, less staffed, more politically charged, more pharma-centric and more one-size-fits-all. 


Why would our local and federal health agencies fail to clarify who is dying of Covid and who is actually dying of stage 4 cancer and dementia at age 91? Why the failure to qualify and contextualize the data? Do they want us to be scared for an unknown reason? Is this a very elaborate vaccine sales scheme?


Seeing the overwhelmingly clear connection with co-morbidities (even the elderly without other diseases did fine throughout Covid!), the inescapable conclusion is that encouraging overall health is clearly the greatest way to protect it and extend your life. In other words, prevent the co-morbidities that would make it more likely for you to die when you confront (or test positive for) an additional infection. 


It is ironic that Health Canada told us throughout Covid:


  • Stay home, stay inside (no sunshine, Vitamin D, fresh air for you)

  • Wear a mask, obstruct your breathing (even though there are dozens of studies that show masks to be harmful)

  • Don’t go to gyms, yoga classes (and if you do, wear a mask)

  • Only go to essential superstores and liquor stores

  • Don’t see your friends and family


This is just about the worst health advice there is. Their directives jeopardize your health and well-being for the sake of a virus that’s never been isolated, with a deeply flawed test that can’t tell the difference between flu and Covid (which may be the same thing), that has an extremely high survival rate in our area, and that is largely a risk only to those with multiple co-morbidities (and no one is letting us know whether Covid deaths are from their co-morbidities or from Covid so the survival rate could be significantly higher). These government “health” directives comprise a perfect recipe for sickness: a sick body, a sick mind and a sick society. Again, common sense says that they are indeed “sickness directives".


Here is a panel discussion of Ontario doctors on the dangers of lockdowns (and the censorship of anyone who questions them):



People are concerned about Covid largely because they are terrified about dying. And when people are afraid of losing their life, they are easily manipulated. The Big-Pharma-Media-Government Establishment has gone into hyperdrive to scare people since the beginning of 2020. Whether the Covid vaccine is right for you or wrong for you (an arguable proposition), it is not an arguable proposition that it’s important to take care of your own health. Vaccines do not equal good health, contrary to the messaging by the EOHU, CPSO and other elements of the Big-Pharma-Media-Government Establishment throughout Covid (during which many people have experienced weight gain, depression and/or alcohol abuse).


Many of the things you can do to take care of your health COST NOTHING, like breathing, walking and sleeping. Other suggestions will cost nickels a day, like vitamin C. The establishment doesn’t want you to know that though. If you’re healthy and not scared, they have a problem because you’re not buying their stuff (including their propaganda). The minute you’re scared and sick, they make money and seem justified in exercising even more control over all of our lives.


The reality is: Only you can achieve and maintain good health. No one else can do it for you. Not the doctors. Not Big Pharma. Not the government.



If you are not breathing, you do not need to read any further. But, if you are, then this section may be of interest to you.


The Covid virus threatens your respiratory system. Strengthening your respiratory system is fundamental in mitigating this threat. It will not make you immune – but it will help you survive. As a side benefit, you will feel better.


The Ontario College of Physicians effectively bars your physician from discussing with you how to improve your breathing, as a means of dealing with Covid, as an alternative to vaccines. Accordingly, this section is intended to fill that gap. Please be aware that the following suggestions are not “medicine” as these suggestions are excluded from the practice of medicine, in accordance with the directives of the Ontario College of Physicians.


Even active athletes rarely focus on their breathing. You do not have to be an active athlete to improve your breathing. You will need to invest in a chair. If you do not own a chair, you can sit on the floor.


Simply breathe in and out deeply five or ten times – as warm-up. If you are a novice breather, simply do it once.


Next, after filling your lungs with air, push out as much air from your lungs as you can – trying to focus on the air in the bottom third of your lungs. Hold that for a count of ten (you can eventually work yourself up to a count of twenty) – and if you can’t do that, just do it for a count of three. The important part is to expel the maximum amount of carbon dioxide. Think of it as flushing stale air out of your system.


Then take a deep breath, filling your lungs to the maximum, with fresh new air. Hold that for a count of ten (you can eventually increase it to a count of twenty).


Try to repeat this in-and-out exercise 40 times. When you start, you may be able to only do it for 5 or 10 times. You should also try to do it twice a day.


To summarize:






Due to the fact that no equipment is needed and no costs will be incurred, there is, unfortunately, no economic benefit to any corporation from your improving your breathing – no vaccine profits, no money spent on donuts (eating donuts during these exercises is not recommended). Just you and your breathing.


You may even find that these breathing exercises have a calming effect on you and that your sleeping improves.


You can, if you wish, do these breathing exercises while driving to work or to the grocery store – or while sitting at your computer or watching TV. Just about any place will do. Just about any time will do – since you will already be breathing regularly most of the day.


We do not recommend that you engage in breathing exercises while visiting the website of the Ontario College of Physicians or the Eastern Ontario Health Unit – which will require your undivided concentration on vaccines.


To compromise your breathing in any way can cause—in addition to carbon dioxide poisoning—anxiety, cognitive deficiencies that impair memory, acuity, coordination in movement and driving, as well as toxicity buildup (as everything your body is trying to eliminate is taken back into the body), which results in disease. There is also a buildup in molds, bacteria and fungi found on all masks worn just a few hours (and we know some wear the masks all day, over and over). Not only do masks fail to protect you from anything, they can be the very source of illness, both immediate and long-term.


Whether you wear a mask for a portion of your day or not, things are stressful right now. To literally “take a breather,” a few times a day, will help you reduce stress and improve your health and clarity.



If you’re not awaiting a hip replacement and happen to own shoes, try walking places instead of always driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, assuming the building is not 70-stories high. If you live in the middle of town, drive to the outskirts and find a nature trail or park. Bring your phone in case of an emergency – but turn it OFF. Being in the forest resets your electro-magnetic field and the act of walking harmonizes the hemispheres of your brain. It’s also a great opportunity to take in fresh air and sunshine. Anyone can walk without training or equipment and it can be done well into your later years. Again, walking costs nothing but benefits your mental and physical condition.


There are excellent magazines about walking. You may even consider buying walking sticks and engaging in Nordic walking.


In the winter, snow-shoeing is an attractive low-cost option, not requiring a lot of training or costs. Snowshoes have improved dramatically in recent years – light in weight and very durable. There are numerous groomed trails in the area – if you’re not sure, ask a friend who is into sports for guidance,


There are many other sports alternatives of course – but for those who have been leading a sedentary lifestyle, walking is the easiest one to take up.



Obesity is the condition that makes you more susceptible to Covid-Flu as well as a host of other conditions, which also make you more vulnerable to a severe health incident. Common sense has already told you this. The lockdowns have not helped this issue nor are our health agencies exhibiting any concern over it nor mentioning the correlation between obesity and susceptibility to many serious health conditions.


It’s hard to lose weight on your own – try to engage someone else in the challenge, by partnering with them. If you can form a group, even better. And, as mentioned at the outset, be aware of (a) the influence of advertising on your eating habits and (b) the influence of Location, Location, Location at the grocery store.



What Is Flu Season? The reason we get sick in winter is, quite often, due to a vitamin D deficiency—a deficiency coincidentally found in 9 out of 10 Covid deaths: Please be aware that Canada’s Health Minister, Patty Hajdu (a graphic designer) called vitamin D protection “fake news”: We understand that such a simple solution could be construed as “anti-vaccine” but you may elect to take a chance on vitamin D supplementation, taking into account the value of health advice from a graphic designer. Cod Liver Oil is the source of Vitamin D best-assimilated by the body.   


Vitamin B1 deficiency shares many of the same symptoms of Covid. Are doctors testing the nutrient levels of the sick? There has been little mention of this practice.


Coincidentally, graphene-oxide poisoning is also consistent with Covid symptoms. Several recent independent forensic analyses of the “vaccine” contents revealed that the “vaccines” contain in excess of 90% graphene oxide!


As you can see, there are many factors that have not necessarily been on your radar if you’ve been watching the Covid-centric/vax-centric news channels. Nor have the cheap alternative treatments/cures, such as hydroxychloroquine+zinc and ivermectin that have been suppressed or downplayed by those same channels.


Dr. Vladmir Zelenko, however, has successfully treated over three-thousand Covid-flu patients in NY with his do-it-yourself Zelenko Protocol, which is simply comprised of quercetin (from which hydroxychloroquine is derived), zinc and vitamin C:

It would be a good investment of your time to listen to this insightful interview with Dr. Zelenko:


You are encouraged to also consider alternative opinions about Dr. Zelenko – after all, his opinions do not align with conventional opinions about expensive alternatives and may not align with the rising stock price of the vaccine manufacturers. If you own stock in the vaccine companies, you may not wish to consider the alternatives proposed by Dr. Zelenko. If you do not own stock in the vaccine companies, you may be more open to these alternatives.



If you DO end up in the hospital, make sure you have a friend, spouse or relative there to advocate for you – having your own advocate is important. If they can’t come in with you, have a pre-prepared signed document on you that makes it clear that you do not consent to a vaccine, PCR Covid test or ventilator treatment (if those are your wishes). If you have already made your decision in advance, you should request to be treated with Ivermectin, Vitamins D & C and zinc, as well as steroids if your breathing is greatly impaired. You should be aware of the risks of being placed on a ventilator as it can permanently damage your lungs, if you survive it (in the USA, 84% of people put on ventilators for Covid died). But taking vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc daily will likely assist you from ever getting to this point. Prevention is truly much simpler.


Nurses are a special group of people who will typically do everything to help you – being grateful for their help is not only allowed – it’s encouraged. Be generous with your thanks.



If you (or someone you care about) took the jab to keep a job or simply regret taking it, there are some ways to detox from it (which you should consider in consultation with your doctor - while being aware that your doctor may be inhibited from providing advice due to rules governing the medical profession as it relates to vaccines and vaccine injuries). Much like the “vaccine” having no long-term data on its effects, there is no long-term data on the efficacy of these methods. But they are unlikely to harm you and have been recommended by doctors and health practitioners who understand what’s in the jabs and who are currently having success with these remedies. Trial and error may be a good strategy. What works for some may not work for you.


Drink pine needle tea. It even tastes good.


Take a hot bath for at least twenty minutes containing this mixture:

  • 2 cups baking soda

  • 3 cups Epsom salts

  • 2 cups Borax laundry detergent

  • 1 cup bentonite clay, pre-mixed with 1 cup water or apple cider vinegar (so that there are no lumps in your bath and clay disperses properly)

Do this 2 or 3 times in the first week. Then once a week for two months. This may be able to draw out the metallic nanoparticles from the injection.


Take antioxidants like vitamins C & D, glutathione, NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine), quercetin and zinc. You can also try melatonin in conjunction with vitamin B3, a.k.a. Niacin. Niacin causes a flushing in your skin. There are non-flushing varieties available, but don’t use non-flushing Niacin. The flushing might be uncomfortable for an hour, but that’s the effect you’re looking for. Take 500mg capsule of niacin with 3mg capsule of melatonin. Do this once a day for 1 to 2 weeks.


Here are a few videos that explain good detox methods:

The importance of NAC and glutathione from Spanish research team at La Quinta Columna:

Amandha Vollmer, a naturopath from Minden, ON lays down a full-spectrum of understanding the V and how to get it out:



Have you noticed that the Covid/vaccine narrative now comes first and dominates all discussions about health? Before evidence, science, common sense, caring for a patient’s unique condition, rights, freedoms, privacy, etc. It seems that all health-system procedures must now be dovetailed in accordance with Covid. Covid before care. Lives are being lost. People are given the wrong treatments too late. Kids are being masked all day and de-socialized—God only knows how many psychological and behavioral problems may stem from this era.


The truth is that many people are being injured, disabled and killed by an experimental vaccine that may not even work: This has brought about an inversion of all medical principles observed until 2020—including most particularly the right of the individual, in consultation with their physician—who’s using his or her independent and confidential judgment—to decide how best to care for their health.


With a health system (“safety” net) politicizing itself in alignment with the much larger globalist agenda, we need to ready ourselves for the possibility of largely being on our own, health-wise. And maybe the silver lining could be that we all get healthier than we’ve ever been. Imagine if the government (and the medical establishment) had encouraged us all to be as healthy as possible throughout Covid! Instead, they prescribed a recipe for ill-health and misery, then presented a vaccine as the sole solution that would get us out of such misery. How has that worked out for all of us so far?



The best things for your mental health are meaningful human contact, a sense of personal purpose, fresh air, restful sleep, movement and sunshine. Contrary to these common-sense needs, authorities told us to stay inside, obstruct our breathing, cover our faces and keep away from friends and family. They also told many of us we were non-essential. Most everyone was reduced to chasing carrots, following incoherent, ever-changing “protocols,” trying to conform our way back to some semblance of “normal.” They even called the shutting down of our province: “The Re-Opening Ontario Act.” This inversion we’re living in is can be very destabilizing to mental health.


Since early 2020 drunk driving has skyrocketed (even with all the bars closed). So has domestic abuse, divorce, child molestation, teen & preteen suicide, substance abuse and overdoses. Our seniors have been terrified and isolated, staying home glued to the news instead of seeing friends and family in their final days. Many died alone. “Shelter in Place” is a mantra of fear—of having no life at all and staying in the equivalent of a cell.


No one thinks well when scared, when their mind shrinks back in apprehension. Nobody makes wise decisions when everything is based on fear. The individual shrivels and surrenders to the onslaught of incoherent disease-mongering. This is not the way we are meant to be. We must crawl out of this ever-deepening pit and resolve not to live in fear, where others control our behavior and dictate how we’re to live. Trust your own self-authority and encourage others to find their own. Common-sense is a common (and solid) ground many of us can still unite on.



Even the weather forecasts have become alarmist. Cold weather is called an Arctic Vortex. A Light Snow is characterized as Snow Squalls. Falling rain is called a Storm. Warm weather can now even be labeled as a Heat Dome. How ominous.


In the meantime, umbrellas have been invented. As have windshield wipers. Gore-tex clothing and waterproof boots keep us warm. But we are constantly being told to panic.


At this point, when it comes to the overall news, it would be fair to say: It’s not the News – it’s the Bad News -often embellished & manipulated to the point of being the Fake News. You need to self-protect by reducing your exposure to the news, which has become a form of addiction.


Has the medical establishment ever mentioned to you about reducing your TV watching? Can you find this advice on the EOHU website? Nope.


You will find it here: Instead of watching TV, read a book, go for a walk or visit a friend. There is little to be gained from increasing your hours of TV watching (which is what has happened over the past 20 months) and much to be gained from reducing those hours.



In order to subdue the Public, it’s necessary to make “illegal” everything that a person does naturally and that represents their core values:


  • Going to Church

  • Breathing In Fresh Air

  • Breathing Out Carbon Dioxide

  • Travel

  • Work

  • Exercise

  • Speaking

  • Thinking

  • Meeting with Family

  • Meeting with Friends

  • Visiting a Neighbour

  • Going Out After 9 at Night

  • Being Healthy

  • Getting Sunshine

  • Eating Healthy

  • Showing One’s Face (Smiling)

  • Celebrating a Wedding

  • Attending a Funeral

  • Visiting Loved Ones at the Hospital or LTC Home

  • Dining Out Without a Passport

  • Giving Someone a Hug

  • Resisting Thought Control

  • Choosing Not to Take Unwanted Substances Into One’s Body

  • Having A Different Opinion

  • Questioning the Narrative

  • Wanting to Earn Money Going to Work and Interacting Normally

  • Wanting to Live A Peaceful, Happy and Healthy Life


Tyrants know that if they simply make natural human behavior illegal - it’s a type of attack on everything about you. Cancel-culture cancels more than just culture. It’s trying to cancel you - your life, livelihood and freedom. Your awareness of this under-handed process is a key to not complying with it. Why call it “under-handed”? If you think about it, it’s difficult to overtly abuse and enslave a society of law-abiding citizens. But, by making natural human behavior illegal, on a step-by-incremental-step basis (gradualism) for an alleged emergency, and then abusing everyone who resists, the process that can be successful (in the short term if no one resists).



Living in a barrage of non-sensical, ever-changing contradictory “information” induces a constant stress and anxiety that’s difficult to quantify. Especially when it wreaks havoc on our loved ones and our ability to provide for them. The remedy is therefore truthfulness. Earth is a school. The lessons are good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies. Can you discern them competently and live your life accordingly? That’s a key to mental health-alignment with what is true and good. In this materialistic age, it’s become “normal” to associate mental health with being coddled, compliant and comfortable in a lie, which is not truly possible when you perceive the wrongness of what is unfolding. Going along with it, therefore, induces a great and uncomfortable inner schism-one that is only temporarily bearable if we sufficiently anesthetize ourselves (with things like alcohol, drugs, meds, superficial fluff… general escapism). But the solution is to embody truth.


This time is not easy. But challenges chisel our character and make us strong. In Canada, we’ve rarely had to exert substantial mental effort in riding out serious societal breakdown or tyranny. Not in our lifetimes. Repurpose your energy to cultivate fortitude, self-responsibility, self-reliance and discernment. You’ll likely need such qualities in the days ahead. Connect with like-minded people that you can relate to in an honest way. Perhaps spend less time with those who simply parrot what is said on the news, without having considered or vetted it (and who have no interest in thinking for themselves). Take heart in knowing that you are not alone. The friends you make now are likely to be the best ones you’ve ever had.


Here are some information resources should you wish to advance your understanding on how to best optimize your health and well-being:

Dr. Tom Cowan’s channel:

Amandha Vollmer: