Is it the flu? A cold? Vitamin D deficiency (like scurvy was vitamin C deficiency)? A bioweapon? A bundle of various mislabeled ailments & accidents? An immersive propaganda campaign to re-engineer the world’s financial, corporate & governmental systems into one single globalist bureaucracy? A profit-generating vehicle for vaccine manufacturers? All of the above? Some of the above? None of the above?

We waste a lot of time arguing about it – and regrettably, sometimes demonize those who hold a different opinion. Given the vagueness of the covid situation, we can make one recommendation, without hesitation: be polite, be patient, be considerate in your discussions. Trading insults is rarely a way to arrive at the truth.

There exists a lot of information for you to investigate if it matters to you. This website can open the door, but it’s up to you to go through it.


We do not claim to definitively know what Covid is. The facts, thus far, are compelling in establishing the likelihood that it didn't come out of a wet market in Wuhan, China, purportedly a seafood market selling bats, which would be an odd combination. A search for recipes for soups combining bats and seafood would not yield many choices.

It should be deeply troubling that, for many months, this “It came from Nature” narrative distracted us from the likely cause. It is even more troubling that the Media, on whom many rely for their window into the world, presented a filtered perspective on the situation. Almost 2 years later, no one has stumbled upon a second instance of a seafood market anywhere in the world where a bat can be found to buy – much less make a leap into humans.



The far more likely source for the Covid virus is located just blocks away from the seafood market in Wuhan – a place that actually has the word “Virology” in its name on the exterior of the building in both Chinese and English – the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Two facts about this institute should be focused upon:

1. Gain-of-Function Research: in 2014, the Obama Administration banned gain-of-function research – for very good reasons. In non-technical terms, such research looked at the way in which bat viruses could be “tweaked” to jump or infect humans. Without the gain-of-function research, the leap would be unlikely to take place. You may legitimately ask: Who would play with a grenade like that? The answer was not long in coming. Following the 2014 ban, the NIH in the United States effectively outsourced this work to China, with funding authorized by Dr. Fauci, since it could not continue in the USA.

2. Safety Standards at Wuhan Institute: The Wuhan Institute had a lengthy history of safety breaches. After the initial Covid outbreaks in Wuhan, the Government of China effectively clamped down on information. Almost 2 years later, China continues to stonewall any effective investigation.

The word "virus" in Latin means "venom, poison". Enabling a venom or poison, through gain-of-function research (the average person would call it “playing-with-grenades”) in a lab with lax safety protocols (so “playing-with-grenades-in-a-fuel-terminal”) was a fundamentally unwise decision.

It is difficult to understand how the very people who presided over the gain-of-function research (which in itself shows incredibly poor judgment) could end up in charge of dealing with the consequences. It would be equivalent to having the founders of the WE charity, Marc and Craig Kielburger, conduct an audit to determine where their charity’s money went.



Fellow Ontarian, Christine Massey, has made over 100 Freedom of Information requests to numerous Canadian and international government agencies, labs and universities to find a study that cites the isolation and purification of the sarscov2 virus: Other people in different countries have now made similar requests. As of yet, no entity has been able to cite such a study.

Some studies claim to have isolated it. However, this would require a person to assume that a soup of monkey kidney cells (literally), formaldehyde and antibiotics contains the virus, by inference, because cells are deteriorating. On its face, this appears to be plain bad science and bad logic. Antibiotics and formaldehyde would damage the cells, so why would one assume that it be caused by an invisible virus presumed to be in the mix? You can't isolate something by putting it in a soup. That is the very opposite of isolation.

Current tests are based on a computer-generated "genetic" sequence provided by China. Not sketchy at all...



In 2020, the president of Tanzania tested a goat and a paw-paw fruit with test kits provided by China. After years of Gates Foundation medical experimentation on Africans, he was skeptical enough to test the test. The fruits and animals came back as “positive for covid-19.” Finding this suspect, he openly took a stand against the globalist establishment and rejected Big Pharma’s overreach into his country. He died shortly thereafter (along with 2 other African presidents who’d taken a similar stance) and was replaced with a pro-vax globalist. A skeptic might consider his to be a covid death.


Kary Mullis, the outspoken Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR test now used to detect Covid stressed repeatedly that this tech was not a diagnostic tool and could be abused as such. He died 2 months before covid emerged. Click HERE to see what he had to say.

According to WHO and Dr. Fauci, the PCR test should not be cycled over 30 amplifications. Otherwise the test can yield up to 97% false positives (when testing for a match to a computer-generated sequence from China). Canada's tests range from 38 (Ontario) to 45 PCR cycles. In other words, they're pumping up the numbers. And Public Health Ontario openly admits to inflating the numbers, even without positive test results!

PCR test use has been cancelled by the CDC, starting Dec. 31, 2021, in favor of a test that can discern between covid and flu. You mean it doesn't differentiate?? So flu miraculously "disappears," covid numbers are similar to flu and test can't distinguish between flu & covid? Could this be a self-solving riddle?

Kary Mullis quote.jpg

Click HERE for the Dr. Kary Mullis, PhD interview clip.

Public Health Ontario publication:

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From masks and "social" distancing to lockdowns and small business closures, one thing is certain: all protocols had zero scientific backing and comprised a perfect recipe for poor health, social breakdown, stress and depression. Commonsense with maybe an hour of serious research (beyond the MSM, a.k.a. barrier to reality) affirms the obvious disastrousness of covid measures on nearly everyone, especially children and elders, the very ones we, as adults, are charged to protect.

The mask, long associated with theater, is perhaps the perfect example of covid illogic: given the alleged size of the mystery virus and the size of the weave of any cloth mask (plus their loose fit), wearing a mask is like putting up a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes. It does nothing. It even says so on the box. Masks do, however, increase your intake of carbon dioxide 4-7 times higher than the safe levels outlined by Health Canada. To inhale dangerous levels of carbon dioxide for hours a day at work or school is toxic. Symptoms of carbon dioxide toxicity include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, rapid breathing, fast heart rate and confusion. For recent study results on dangerous CO2 levels in masked kids:

WHO mask statement.png
Brain Scan of masked vs unmasked.jpg

Being scientifically, medically & logically baseless, masks do no more than symbolize compliance to absurdity.



The experimental mRNA covid "vaccines" were given emergency use authorization only (not full FDA approval). A condition of this emergency authorization was that there mustn’t be any other cures or therapeutics available, of which there happen to be many, such as intravenous vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, zinc & vitamin D, all of which are time-proven, safe and effective. To make sure the mRNA injection triumphed as the sole "remedy" to the covid "crisis," doctors and health ministers suppressed and withheld these known therapeutics from covid patients and simply let many die unnecessarily. By doing this, they seemingly “evidenced” a "pandemic" and thus prolonged the “emergency” which granted governments "extraordinary" powers.


Government agencies punished and suspended doctors who dared prescribe life-saving treatments and made the medicines near impossible to get. These same agencies, along with the complicit state media, minimalized, mocked, smeared and actively suppressed these affordable cures, along with anyone advocating for their use. This is unconscionable... if not criminal. Watch this 5-minute talk from Dr. Patrick Phillips of Engelhart, ON describing the Ontario Science Table’s suppression of Covid cures at the following link:



As of October 15, 2021, according to the CDC's VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), the covid vaccine deaths and injuries from the last 9 months have now more than doubled (2.5X) the number of ALL vaccine injuries from ALL vaccines over the previous 30-year period. See data here: This data does not reflect the fact that VAERS overseers rejected or removed over 150,000 reports! In the United States, the average number of vaccine-related deaths annually pre-2021 was 156. Since the rollout of the covid vaccine, less than a year ago, there have been over 17,000 vaccine deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries. It is estimated that only 1-10% of adverse events are reported. Has the news mentioned these figures? How about your doctor??

There is no long-term safety data on covid vaccines, therefore, no one can say that they are “safe." And with many “fully vaxxed” getting covid, they don’t seem effective either. Pharmaceutical companies are not highly incentivized to make safe products when they have zero liability should their products prove harmful. Imagine buying a car from someone who didn't guarantee its safety nor assume any liability if their car randomly blew up and killed your family? If they were exempt from liability, why would they go through the rigors of making it safe?

Not many countries are tabulating and sharing their data very well and we happen to live in one of those countries. For those nations that are, the data shows that the vast majority of people now getting covid are double vaccinated (i.e. 83% in Scotland: (Of course, Canadian news claims the opposite, but we’ll get to them in a bit.)

There is also a big spike in non-covid, seemingly random “excess deaths” and myocarditis (an often lethal heart inflammation) in young men. “Excess deaths” (all causes) are those above average that may point to a disease or event (like a “vaccine” rollout?). Just have a brief 2-minute listen to Steve Kirsch on a recent FDA panel regarding the real stats which imply these jabs are not only NOT safe and NOT effective, but extremely dangerous (Kirsch is offering a $1 million reward to anyone who can disprove him):

For more information, we recommend downloading The Vaccine Death Report:

Click image to read the article.

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In 1972, twenty-six people had died of the smallpox vaccine and it was ceased. In 1976, the establishment rushed out a swine flu vaccine. About 50 people died and it was pulled immediately in what was then regarded as an embarrassing, hasty misjudgment that ended in tragedy. Today, we’ve rushed out an experimental mRNA vaccine that skipped long-term human trials. Tens of thousands of people around the world have now died and millions injured. And since we ARE the human experimental phase of this injection, we have no idea what injuries and death we’re potentially yet to see. For instance, an ongoing study in the UK shows that those who took the jabs have 5 to 6 times fewer antibodies than those who didn’t and an average 5% decline in immune function per week, post-jab: Not good.


It does cause one to ask, how much risk is conscionable? One death? Twenty deaths? Fifty deaths? When is it not worth it? Is society at an all-time low when we sacrifice our children, who have virtually no risk of dying from covid and have only risk when it comes taking the "vaccine," to "protect old people"? Are we in the Twilight Zone? Taiwan, as of Oct. 15, 2021, more people have died of the vaccine (865) than from Covid (845)! Is this reasonable risk? I guess that depends on how much we value human life. It’s getting more obvious that the people in charge don’t value our lives as much as we do.



Injections may include the things declared by the manufacturers, but they also contain things that have NOT been declared by manufacturers. It is concerning that high concentrations of graphene oxide, as well as luciferase and a genetically modified variant of the parasite, Hydra Vulgaris, have been found in ALL "vaccines" regardless of the manufacturer. See full ingredients breakdown here:


Though teams of researchers in several countries are doing great independent research and corroborating each others’ findings, members of La Quinta Columna in Spain sum it up well here: and here


These findings may explain the clotting, magnetism, multi-organ inflammation & failure and immune system collapse that are occurring at an alarming rate in the vaccinated.



Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD, from London, ON, has examined the results of from a Pfizer biodistribution study in Japan, tracing where the jab components travel and concentrate in the body. In typical vaccinology, the vaccine components remain at the site of injection, as covid jabs claim to do. This was not what the study showed. The results found that the GMO spike proteins reproduce and were nearly everywhere in the body, with higher concentrations in the ovaries, bone marrow, lymph nodes and adrenal glands. You can listen to Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor or mRNA technology, cite his safety concerns on this matter here:

The world's only (publicly known) autopsy on a corpse of a vaccinee was conducted in Germany, June 2021. It revealed viral mRNA spike proteins had infected nearly every organ in the man's body.

See the autopsy report here:

Amazingly, this was the only autopsy report we could find for a covid-vaccinated person. One would think that at least a few would have been performed considering the thousands who've died from these injections. But no.


During Covid, the world saw over 500 new billionaires and the USA's 5 wealthiest increase their fortunes by $2.1 trillion. Yes, trillion. The bigger the business, the better it fared in the "pandemic." Big Pharma was NOT the only industry to benefit. With few limits placed on big-box stores, fast-food chains and Amazon, the mega-corporations absorbed much of the business when our small "non-essential" shops and restaurants were ordered to close or run at reduced capacity. This created the biggest wealth-transfer in modern history and the corporate oligarchy made out like bandits

Drug companies have made tens of billions off their "vaccine," yes, but Pfizer also increased sales of drugs to prevent blood clots (a known effect of the vax) by 77% and a drug to treat heart inflammation by 16%. It's now rolling out an anti-blood-clot drug for kids. Not sure it's wise to buy the cure from the same company selling the disease. (Though that does seem to be their business model.) And with zero liability and governments in their pocket, they can't lose. Justin Trudeau has even pre-purchased "enough vaccines for every Canadian until 2025" coming to about 10 for every Canadian. Gotta sell those boosters now!

At the top of Canada's medical pyramid scheme is Health Canada, which, as of 2018, is 90% funded by Big Pharma. Their policies, mandates and orders reflect this conflict of interest and may explain their increasingly tyrannical, “vaccine-only” solution. (It almost seems like Big Pharma bought a government to push their products. Who needs commercials when you can use Health Ministers?) This may explain why Health Canada sabotaged the use of early-treatment regimes with inexpensive, proven therapeutics (which doesn't make ANY sense, UNLESS they are Big Pharma operatives who don't care about us. At all.).

Big Pharma Crimes: Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson have paid out billions $$ in fines for fraud over the years. From hiding devastating side effects of drugs, making false claims about drugs and giving kickbacks to doctors for prescribing their products to knowingly putting asbestos in baby powder for decades (for which Johnson & Johnson paid out over $2 billion in fines in summer 2021... I mean, how awful can you get?), the pharmaceutical companies are making so much money that despite massive fines and lawsuits, it's STILL a profitable business model (if Pfizer nets $33.5 billion but must pay out $2 billion every few years in fines, it's still worth it to commit those crimes). They also get government-secured deals at top dollar (purchased with your tax $$) and many liability protections (for example, "vaccines" are liability-free).



And finally, Covid would not have been possible, if even noticed at all, had it not been for the mainstream media. In early 2020, all media, across the world started singing the same tune: same talking points, same new Covid jargon and even the same hospital photos being used to depict NYC and Italy! If you weren't cross-checking news sources, then you may have missed the worldwide lockstep fear campaign: one singular script coming through thousands of stations. How does one pull something like that off?

In October 2019, just a couple months before Covid arrived. Operation 201 took place. It was a "pandemic simulation" orchestrated by the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller-founded John Hopkins Center for Health Security. The entire focus of the exercise, however, was not saving lives and helping people. It was, rather, all about "controlling information." They used the phrase "flood the zone" repeatedly, speaking of having dominant & overwhelming messaging everywhere, all the time. Do you think they've successfully flooded the zone?

Censorship: When it comes to good science (and free and fair societies), all ideas should join the discussion and, well... may the best, most sound and evidenced idea win. This is not what has happened over the past 2 years. Instead, tens of thousands of the world's most esteemed doctors and scientists have been censored, de-platformed, ridiculed and fired for speaking against the steamrolling narrative currently pervading all MSM outlets and reinforced by their supporting army of "fact-checkers." These brave experts had nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing so, whereas the Covid-narrative purveyors often had kickbacks, promotions, time in the spotlight and media adulation. Those who said nothing were, at the very least, able to keep their jobs. But we should always remember: truth does not mind being challenged, for its truth defends itself. Lies, on the other hand, do not like to be challenged because they fall apart the more closely you analyze them. Lies can only seemingly "win" by making sure truth can't get into the ring.

Propaganda: It was recently admitted by the Canadian military that they had used Covid as an opportunity to test out different propaganda techniques on the public:  It seems that the more blatant the manipulation is, the harder it is for people to see it. In early October 2021, the CBC (which gets $1.6 billion a year from the government/us, sooooo state broadcasting) in Edmonton was fear-mongering about ICU-bed shortage. Someone screenshot the quick pan across the hospital room while it aired... only to find they were using a mannequin instead of a real person! A pandemic so deadly even mannequins are getting it? ICUs so full, there's space for dummies in fake news segments? It went viral. CBC apologized and carries on like they're still "real" news.

Mannequin in ICU.jpg

Changing the Language: A noted Orwellian tactic is changing the definitions of well-established words, which ultimately causes a breakdown in meaningful communication. "Vaccine," "pandemic" and "herd immunity" were all quietly redefined since the dawn of Covid to make the narrative more legitimate and sustainable. Here is a good analysis of pre- and post-Covid terms: 

Not only did we get new definitions of well-established concepts, thereby shifting the conceptual landscape right under our feet, but we also got a host of new terms to reinforce the Covid narrative and agenda, such as “vaccine hesitancy,” “variants of concern,” “super-spreader,” “cynical spreader,” “granny-killer,” “anti-vaxer,” “anti-science,” "pandemic of the unvaccinated," etc. Many meant to shame any expression that doesn't conform with the establishment’s narrative.




  • Does a system that suppresses debate, information, testimonials, medicines and treatments which do not conform to their agenda, really care about your health, rights and freedoms? Or does it care about their agenda?

  • Does a system that never mentioned nutrition, exercise, weight loss, sunshine, fresh air and establishing overall health as your best solution really want you to be healthy? Is a vaccine the new & only criteria for good health?

  • Should we be getting health guidance, orders/mandates from an Establishment that has suppressed effective treatments, which may have brought about unnecessary deaths?

  • Should we rely on any guidance from an Establishment that punished doctors who dared use or prescribe such life-saving treatments?

  • Can we trust anyone with serious conflicts of interest? Or who may not their conflicts of interest?

  • Should we be guided by an Establishment whose behavior does not align with caring about how many thousands are maimed or killed by unnecessary experimental injections? (And fails to disclose how many already have been injured or died from them?)

  • Should we trust pharmaceutical companies that have been heavily fined for misleading the public before?

  • Should we listen to an establishment that doesn’t exhibit care for how many lose their jobs and consequentially how the medical, police, firefighting and school systems are impaired? Suspending thousands of nurses during an alleged deadly pandemic? Where is the consistency of thought in that?

  • Should we listen to an establishment that has created an illogical medical apartheid even though the vaxed and unvaxed can both allegedly catch and spread the alleged virus? (Sooo, they want the to protect the protected by getting the protection that’s failed to protect the protected?)

  • Should we listen to an establishment that shut down our “non-essential” businesses in favor of “essential” mega-corporations who, consequently, expanded their fortunes?

  • Is this really about a virus and a vaccine or is Covid a Trojan horse to bring in a social-credit-score-based economy-technocracy, under the disguise of a “public health crisis”? (as is outlined in World Economic Forum head, Klaus Schwab’s book: The Great Reset… WHO elected Klaus Schwab?)

  • Are they doing it under the guise of Covid because nobody would have wanted this elite-planned world nor would they go there without thinking that they were “doing the right thing”?

  • Ever heard of the empty cliché, “Build Back Better”?


Although the Establishment messaging is nearly ubiquitous, these questions are important to keep at the fore of one’s thinking for a balanced perspective on the matter. We are experiencing a vital lesson in caring about what’s true first. Without truth, it’s hard to make reasonable decisions and can thereby do considerable damage to ourselves and those we care about most. The truth matters.